KCR skips T-March-turning telangana traitor?

Posted : September 30, 2012 at 12:07 pm IST by ManaTelugu
T-March is witnessing a strange and surprise element. KCR chief architect for reviving Telangana moment and who used to be the forefront in all the protest marches and other events this time gave a miss to the all important telangana march which is going on at present in Hyderabad and which is getting entire world attention with International Biodiversity summit scheduled in the city tomorrow.

This came as a surprise and protagonists of Telangana are already branding KCR as telangana traitor for running away from all important T-march and cooling his heels in Delhi even when Cong deceived him by making him stay in Delhi for more than 25 days without delivering anything.

This leads to the suspicion that KCR is more interested in meeting his personal and vested interests rather than fight and achieve telangana. From the beginning his opponents slammed him for forcing byelections on people only to increase his numbers rather than fight for the state unitedly. KCR not saying a single word against Sonia Gandhi till now give weight to all these speculations. Now it has to be seen how KCR will come out unblemished with out being branded as Telangana Traitor.