KCR scared of T March

Posted : September 25, 2012 at 9:51 am IST by ManaTelugu
Many are wondering what is KCR doing when people of telangana along with all NGOs and other parties are going ahead for its protest war seeking formation of Telangana on 30th of this month. While Prof Kodandaram is leading TJAC which is in the forefront mobilizing forces to show the strength of telangana people during the march, other organizations are doing their best to liven the spirits of the people.
Govt is at its wits end as to how to manage the situation as the march follows the day after Ganesh idol immersion which would continue till afternoon on the march day and the next day follows with international summit on Bio diversity. Anything untowards will bring down the image of brand Hyderabad and the whole state of Andhra Pradesh as a whole.
In the midst of all this many are left to look at KCR with suspicion as he is spending his time in Delhi, when the state is heated up with T protests. KCR despite of no positive signals from Cong High Command and Sonia Gandhi is still sitting in Delhi showing little concern over the all important march. Many feel that he is running scared of the march as Cong is impressing upon him to cool down the tempers and he is taking about his party’s merger plans as he is worried about the growing popularity of YSRCP in telangana.
KCR is expecting some kind of announcement for Telangana based on which he can merge his party in Cong. If in the current situation he is present in Hyd, then he would be forced to utter some vitriolic statements that damage the relationship between him and Sonia.