KCR , Kavitha turns “Krishnarjuna”

Posted : September 20, 2012 at 2:15 pm IST by ManaTelugu
According to hindu mythology, Krishna and Arjuna often referred to as ‘Krishnarjuna’ showing their bond. They are near invincible on their own strengths and when they come as team, no force on universe an match them. It seems KCR is following this mythology to the core and after drawing inspiration from Mahabharatha, he is planning to turn Krishna where as he is encouraging his loving daughter to turn Arjuna so that they can won the battle of genex mahabharata in 2014. 
It is known that KCR is in talks with Sonia Gandhi and Cong high command as Cong is keen on forcing KCR to submission, making him merge his extremist TRS party with it, so that they can become unstoppable in the region of telangana. They are in desperate discussions to atleast save the party in one region as they got crushed under Jagan’s juggernaut in coastal andhra. However KCR a shrewd politician, doesnt believe in Cong wily game plan and is taking all steps before merging his party. He is insisting on time frame for Telangana come from UPA Govt and even after his merger if Cong goes back on its words he is planning to cut them short through his daughter Kavitha. 
He is encouraging his daughter Kavitha to turn the women wing of the party ‘Jagruti’ into a political outfit so that they can breath fire on Sonia if need arises. In this way he is leaving his weapon and becoming Krishna while Kavitha is all set to become Arjuna.