Kavuri taking High Command for a ride

Posted : November 2, 2012 at 7:01 am IST by ManaTelugu
Senior MP Kavuri Sambasiva Rao who is furious over being ingnored time and again during cabinet expansion at Union Govt, is taking most powerful Cong High Command for a ride.Kavuri is brining all his political experience and showing that he is still loyal to Sonia and Cong, he is not budging down from his stand. He with his resignation threat is making his moves in a planned manner. Buzz is Digvijay Singh is coming to AP on 6th of this month to pacify him, not to take the extreme step.

Kavuri who dashed off his resignation letter to Sonia and Speaker, also sent some more letters to Sonia. A worried Digvijay Singh tried to pacify Kavuri as both worked together as AICC members. Digvijay assured that he will speak to Sonia and Rahul and promised to come back to him on 6th. Kavuri, a five time MP winning in 1984,89,2004,2009 is keeping Sonia Gandhi abreast of all happenings so that they can not accuse him of taking decisions in haste. Now everything depends on what decision Cong high command takes on Kavuri Samba Sivarao and cong workers say his continuation depends on the decision of Sonia and whether it will make Kavuri happy.