Kavitha back on Tankbund track

Posted : October 6, 2012 at 8:51 am IST by ManaTelugu
KCR and his kith and kin disappeared from telangana scene for quite some time and when everyone started wondering what was happening, suddenly KCR appeared and started singing about signals from Cong Govt and Sonia. Stating this he flew to Delhi even though no one from Union Govt invited him for talks. However he cooled his heels in Delhi for more than a month and returned back to Hyderabad couple of days back. Till this time KCR’s sons and his darling daughter never came out of their house leave alone speaking to people and press. Even when Kodandaram and TJAC organized T-march they did not come out of their houses though the party’s cadre made their token presence.
Now however with the return of KCR, his darling daughter Kavitha, President of Telangana Jagruthi Samithi came out to Tankbund and sat on protest against the installation of statues of Andhra popular personalities that were damaged by miscreants during million march. Many wondering what she was doing till all these days and why she did not even come out of her house when T-march was on.
This shows the respect KCR’s kith and kin have on telangana and the sentiments of the people. Many say they are more interested in improving his personal assets rather than fight for the statehood for telangana.