Had Kalyan Ram stops Hari Krishna’s tour?

Posted : September 6, 2013 at 6:55 am IST by ManaTelugu

Nandamuri Harikrishna has planned to start his political tour in favor of United Andhra soon after his resignation accepted by RS Chairman. PR also released from his office that yatra commences either from Hindupur or Nimmakur in first week of September. TDP cadre and leaders have in confusion state of mind on Seethayya’s tour. They also feel worried on negative impact towards TDP among the people on two parallel tours. Why he stopped his tour?

As per TDP circles, Hari Krishna son is the reason for stopping bus tour. Surely! Not Jr. NTR, it’s Kalyan Ram. Aggressive Seethayya wants to implement his plan of action after September 02nd. Reportedly, Kalyan Ram warns his father on his tour. Mainly, Kalyan Ram is very much cautious on Hari Krishna’s health. As per Hari Krishna’s health condition, it’s not possible to tour entire state. He also warned what happened when Anna TDP formed in 1999. Seethayya decided to withhold his tour temporarily after seeing Kalyan Ram response.

Unlike NTR, Kalyan Ram has maintained very good relations with CBN and Balayya. Kalyan Ram looked into affairs at the time of NBK’s second daughter marriage. Kalyan Ram also has a plan to make a film with NBK as Producer. Anyhow TDP cadre feels a great sigh of relief for stopping of Hari Krishna tour.