Kajal deserves top pay

Posted : December 30, 2013 at 7:18 pm IST by ManaTelugu

It’s shocking when a leading actress, demands a good pay cheque and media brandishing it as a ‘tantrum’ without analyzing her success and hard work, which is unfair. In recent times, Kaajal is only actress who has delivered more hits with sizable fan following and deserves a reasonable pay cheque (For instance, a IT professional is bound to expect a hike in her salary after putting in hard work for three to four years and demanding 50 to 60% in their appraisals is not at all tantrum, rather she rightly seeking money counting on her performance, so its unfair to expect an actress and a professional to adopt, different yardsticks, to get their rightful due). Along with good success rate, the actress re-launched the sagging careers of Prabhas (Darling), Ram Charan Tej (Maghadeera) and jr NTR (Badshah) to be hailed as a lucky charm.

Being a good mix of glam and performance, she made a mark with some important roles-After riveting performance as princess ‘Mithravindha’ who is open about her love for a warrior, she breathedlife into the role of a ‘girl-next-door’ act in ‘Darling’ where she takes rejection of her lover (Prabhas) sportively and moves on in life with confidence, before confused lover returns to her fold. Her flair for comedy was well exploited in films like ‘Arya 2’ and ‘Badshah’ and could be branded as an ‘all-rounder’. Getting noticed and appreciation, despite being paired opposite big stars, has been her hallmark through out, which looks easier, but tough achievement. Tactfully, she avoided female-centric movies and sustained her brand as a ‘leading lady for all superstars’, unmindful of gaps in between to retain her charm and popularity.

With younger actresses like Tammnaha, Shruti, and Sam, coolly pocketing between 1 to 1.5 crores each, Businessman star who pocketed Rs. 1 .2 crores for Badshah and another Rs. 1.75 crore for a Tamil film, truly deserves Rs.1.5 purely on merits and its time, T-town producers, should begin to acknowledge the ‘worthiness’ of actresses appropriately, instead of making fuss, if an actress, daringly, quotes her figure. What you say guys, since ‘increments’ should be proprotionate to their ‘talent and professionalism’.