Posted : March 31, 2013 at 12:14 pm IST by ManaTelugu
These days Jr. NTR is been targeting in Media for wrong reasons. The actor is enough matured  to tolerate all the nonsense that is being aired and spread about him. Some Media  sections  has been questioning his money power. They believe that NTR  got richer only after he was married to Lakshmi Pranathi.

      The media says that NTR turned arrogant with sudden rise of his wealth. How could anyone can claim like that and how could estimate the actual wealth of a superstar? Now a days every one is cleaver enough to invest their income in real estate or some other profitable business.

      A known fact in the film industry is comedians and character actors have made hundred of crores by investing their income in business. If a small actor can  earn so much ,why not the stars like NTR . NTR will earn more than ten crore rupees  per film .He might have got the wealth after he got married but that  doesn�t mean him . He has been on the top from so many years.