Jr Superstar’s Posters Ripped Into Pieces

Posted : August 5, 2014 at 11:39 pm IST by ManaTelugu


As the film turned out to be a phenomenal success at box office, even our Junior Superstar is not much worried about the happenings. Superstar Rajni’s son-in-law, Jr Superstar Danush, the self-styled hero of Kollywood has to face the axe of law. The posters of his latest movie ‘Vela Illai Pattadhari’ are ripped into pieces now. Check this story.

Danush’s latest movie VIP Is a smashing hit at box office and the run is continuing very fruitful even in third week. However, Danush has portrayed smoking a cigarette wildly on the release posters of the movie. According to Tobacco Control Board’s guidelines, scenes and pictures related to smoking couldn’t be used for posters, while inside the movie they should be displayed with a warning slogan imprinted over them. Authorities found out that Danush’s VIP posters are not adhering to guidelines after receiving a complaint from Anti Tobacco Organisation of Tamilnadu.

Reacting on this, TN government ordered the producer to rip the posters off from walls immediately. Jr Superstar Danush is not only hero of this flick but he himself produced the movie under his Wunderbaar Films banner. He has made his mind to get the posters ripped into pieces to invite no further troubles.