Jr NTR Songs For Jagan’s Arrival

Posted : September 25, 2013 at 9:10 am IST by ManaTelugu

When it is celebrations time, none will remember the songs they are grooving too except the fact that they are losing their stamina for the sake of shaking their bodies. Umpteen such situations are witnessed at Jagan’s arrival the other day.

Jagan’s release from jail  became a high profile serial like thing rather a two hours cinema for Telugu audiences who are glued to TV sets watching him reach Lotus Pond all the way from Chanchalguda. But what caught the attention of many is a song from Jr NTR’s movie. ‘Raju vachinadu’ song from ‘Dammu’ is on repeat mode for the visuals of Jagan reaching Lotus Pond on Sakshi TV since evening. Also ‘Pandagala Digi Vachavu’ song from Mirchi is being played stating that it is celebration time for supporters of YSR and Jagan.

In the wake of rumours that Jr NTR is actually planning to join Jagan’s camp because of the differences he got with Nandamuri camp, the airing of these song tunes as a background for Jagan’s visuals is gaining prominence. But insiders say that only the meaning of those songs was used in this context, but not any real leg pulling.