Jr NTR is Arrogant : says Kajal Agarwal

Posted : February 6, 2013 at 7:28 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Telugu-Tamil actor Kajal says the only time she cried was when she had a boyfriend problem. “I have 24 super hits out of the 26 films I have featured in. I have been lucky in my life and have not struggled for my breaks or any other financial issues. The only time I have cried in my life was due to boyfriend problems. In fact, when I need to do an emotional scene I have to try really hard as I have no reference to think of in real life. I can only think of faint memories of my grandfather’s death in ninth standard, as that is the only association I have with sorrow.”

aShe has enjoyed working with Vijay in Thupaaki, though she says he barely speaks and she was the one always blabbering. “I like people who are friendly, but not over-friendly. He is like that. In Telugu, I like Junior NTR. He is not only a good actor, but is honest. He is arrogant, but I still like him as arrogance is also a part of honesty.”