Jokers Criticizing Chiranjeevi?

Posted : August 25, 2014 at 1:08 am IST by ManaTelugu


Ever since the debacle of the congress party in the general elections in 2014, one of the key politicians of the party, the former union minister, Chiranjeevi was thought to be going to an exile, as per his critics. According to them, the losers should be frustrated, should feel shy and should not show their faces to anybody.

Throwing his critics into frustration, Chiranjeevi has decided to do his 150th movie. It appeared like a fire in the forest, his latest photo shoot pics went on viral on net. Moreover, Chiranjeevi appeared to be all time smart and handsome in those pics. Naturally, Chiranjeevi’s critics fell in a state of deep agony and started throwing absurd comments on Chiranjeevi.

” Those who unnecessarily, without a point, criticize our hero, we will consider them as ‘jokers’. There will be no value to the words of jokers. Even if anyone acts like a joker, he must be ready to face the consequences. We know how well our hero succeeded in politics growing from the status of zero to union minister in politics. He has just put a comma to politics and decided to do movies. All the film makers are heartily welcoming our hero to tollywood. In this scenario, we appeal our hero’s detractors should try to maintain their dignity,” says one among the 25,000 mega fans, who donated blood in CCT, the other day.