James Bond Title Song For Mahesh’s One

Posted : July 25, 2013 at 1:51 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Superstar Krishna is the first detective hero for Tollywood, and his Gudachari 116 acts are nothing but Jamesbond acts. Though present Superstar, Mahesh decided not to remake his father’s movies, here comes a Jamesbond act for his upcoming flick ‘One’.

Director Sukumar is known for delivering superb title videos for his movies with his intelligent and creative ideas. His movies like Arya-2 and 100% Love show his innovativeness when it comes to delivering titles. And coming to his present work, Sukumar is right now caning action sequences of ‘One-Nenokkadine’ on Superstar Mahesh in London, UK. Combining his ‘title’ track idea and Mahesh’s image, it is heard that Sukumar has now come up with a Jamesbond movie like special title-credits song idea. Though the filming and visual effects work for this song will cost a bomb, but still the makers want to go with this idea it seems. We know how popular the title-credit videos of James Bond movies are, and Sukumar is going on all floors to show Mahesh in that magnitude.

Let us hope that this new title-credit idea will not make producers tumble with budget and fans to wait for a longer time than expected. Mahesh’s ‘One’ is a package of different experiences one will get while watching and we have to appreciate hero and director for that.