Jaipal’s master stroke

Posted : October 21, 2012 at 10:48 am IST by ManaTelugu
Union Petroleum Minister Jaipal Reddy for long has been facing criticism from his own state Andhra Pradesh politicians that he is more interested in power and portfolios than serving the people of the state. Not only his opponents but also his own party men alleged that Jaipal is out to curry favors with high command for his own gains than for the state. They cite how he kept quite when Maharashtra allegedly started diverting gas from the state even when the state is suffering from acute gas shortage.
It needed the initiative of CM Kiran to stop the process and this became a major embarassement for Jailpal Reddy and his telangana supporters who want him to be the CM of the state. Jaipal not only faced criticism on gas issue but also from his own telangana representatives who allege that he is not interested in telangana but only in enjoying power at center.
As if to erase all these misgivings this time Jaipal Reddy with out anyone’s asking and when the telangana representatives are in Delhi, gave gas to Andhra Pradesh, though there was strong opposition from Maharashtra. Many feel that more such favors can be expected from Jaipal if he decides to enter into state politics so that support will swell for him.