Jaipal-Kiran war on new heights

Posted : November 26, 2012 at 11:11 am IST by ManaTelugu
Political analysts and people are witnessing silent battle between CM Kiran and Union Minister Jaipal Reddy. Yesterday for the Metro Rail second line projects launch CM Kiran did not invite Minister Jaipal triggering war of words between the two groups.

Jaipal’s supporters are up in their arms and feel that CM Kiran intentionally insulted Jaipal by not inviting him to the opening function. CM Kiran however washed off his hands, stating he never invited any one but promised to look into Jaipal’s issue.Lagadapati speaking on the issue blamed the officials for the faux pause.

However this is not the first time Kiran-Jaipal rivalry came to the fore. Even on the issue of gas allocation both are at loggerheads with Kiran accusing Jaipal of selling gas belonging to Andhra Pradesh to other states without considering the needs of the people.

But their rivalry reached new heights with Kiran supporters branding Jaipal Reddy group as ‘Jai Gang’ while Jaipal supporters terming Kiran as ‘Varalaabbayi’. It has to be seen where all this rivalry between CM and Union Minister will lead to. Already Cong in State is faction ridden and Cong High command can ill afford another rival factions.