Jaipal & Jana Resign for Telangana

Posted : March 25, 2013 at 7:35 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Union minister Jaipal Reddy and state minister K Jana Reddy have reportedly decided to resign for Telangana. It is learnt that the two came to a decision to quit their posts if the Centre does not concede Telangana by the end of May.

It is learnt that Jana Reddy told some of his close associates that he would resign if decision on ‘T’ was delayed any further. It is learnt that Jaipal Reddy also discussed about his resignation with the other Congress MPs of the Telangana region. The MPs reportedly urged Jaipal to lead the movement. He however declined to the suggestion, stating that his health would not permit it. It is learnt that though Jaipal had decided to quit his cabinet post, he would continue in the Congress party. He told the Congress MPs that though he might not lead the movement, he would render all help and cooperation to them. It is also learnt that Jaipal decided not to contest in 2014.

It may be recalled that the Telangana Congress MPs wrote a letter to the Congress president Sonia Gandhi to decide on Telangana by May end. They also reportedly warned the High Command that political equations would change if no decision on ‘T’ was taken by their deadline. This is to sound a veiled threat that they would leave Congress.

It is learnt that Congress leaders of the Telangana region were of the view that they should create an impression on the minds of the people that they were committed to the Telangana cause as elections were just an year away. They feel that if they still wait for the centre to take a decision on the Telangana, they would not be able to go to the people and seek their votes. It is learnt that this was the reason why Jana and Jaipal decided to resign.

Meanwhile Jana expressed doubts about the likelihood of the Congress High Command taking an early decision on the ‘T’ issue. Talking to the media on Monday, he said some were doubting if the Congress High Command would take a decision on the Telangana issue. He however diplomatically said that he was still having faith on the High Command. Stating that they were all trying to mount pressure on the High Command to concede Telangana, Jana said they would decide about their future course of action if the centre does not take a decision on the statehood issue.