Jagan’s jail tenure till 2014?

Posted : October 5, 2012 at 12:57 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Opposition may indulge in some wild allegations that there was some secret pact and understanding between Jagan and Sonia so that Cong will slow the process of CBI investigation so that YSRCP leader will be out of Jail on Bail. However it seems this is not the case as Jagan’s bail has been rejected outright by Supreme Court. To the top of it yesterday Enforcement directorate attached Jagan’s media SAKSHI’s properties with Govt. This is a huge blow to Jagan and YSR CP. It is no wonder that YS.Vijayamma and Sharmila cried foul and alleged secret understanding between TDP and Cong and cite TDP MPS meeting PM Manmohan Singh prior to CBI’s decision.
Till the other day TDP was alleging that Jagan and Cong will be merging together and there was an understanding regarding to this during presedential elections and Vijayamma was saying the same thing again and again that Jagan would be out on Jail. All these developments point out to one thing that come what may be and the future political understandings not withstanding, Cong Bosses and high command is clear on one thing that it would not allow Jagan to be out on jail till 2014 elections as they know how much influence he can cast on its leaders and cadre. They fear when in jail itself, Jagan is wiping out party and if he is out party will be disappearing from AP map. So they don’t want that to happen at any cost.