Jagan’s bail secret

Posted : October 6, 2012 at 6:46 am IST by ManaTelugu
When Vijayamma and many top leaders of YSRCP exuded confidence that Jagan would be out on bail everybody expected it should happen as quickly as possible. Many are of opinion that YSRCP reached an understanding with Cong High Command and Sonia Gandhi that once Jagan is out on bail, he would work for the decimation of TDP and other opposition parties and after the next general elections, he would pledge outside support to Cong led UPA Govt. Even MIM leader Owaisi held discussions to this effect with Jagan in Chanchalguda jail at the behest of Cong High Command.
When Cong decided to change the lawyers of CBI arguing Jagan’s case it seemed decks are cleared for Jagan’s bail granting. However when Supreme Court rejected his application even the best laid plans of Cong came to nothing. According to information when Cong decided to change CBI lawyers, CBI JD Lakshminarayana who took the case with more than any personal interest warned his bosses that if the lawyers are changed then he would argue the case independently.
It would have been huge embrassement for the Govt had Lakshminarayana argued the case independently which would have given chance for opposition to accuse them of secret deal between Jagan and Sonia. So Cong did not change the lawyers which intrun effected Jagan’s chances of getting a bail. It has to be seen what new plans Jagan and Sonia will hatch to help each other.