Jagan risking employee votes?

Posted : January 7, 2014 at 9:50 pm IST by ManaTelugu

In politics, it is always an unwritten rule that whichever party is planning to come to power, the need to ensure that they are seen on the right  side when it comes to employees but sources say Jagan seems to be taking a risk now.

TDP chief Naidu did this terrible mistake of alienating them and even after ten years he is repenting the fact that how his fate has changed from that of a strict leader to a weak opposition leader. By messing up with an influential section of AP NGO’s sources say that Jagan may have risked some crucial voter population with his dominating attitude.
It is a known fact that Jagan wanted all the limelight regarding Samaykhyandhra and he wanted Ashok Babu to leave the ground open for him. But with direct support of Kiran camp and indirect support of Naidu camp, Ashok Babu had emerged as a thorn in the flesh for Jagan and he seems to have forgotten that they stood as rock solid support or his father twice in 2004 and also 2009. Even his party leaders have started fearing that Jagan’s overconfidence may fritter all gains made since three years!