Posted : March 14, 2014 at 4:15 pm IST by ManaTelugu


7.07 PM: Actor and Pawan Kalyan’s die-hard fan Nithiin tweets, “POWER POWER POWER!!”

7.06 PM: 
Pawan Kalyan and Jana Sena are trending on Twitter.

7.05 PM: 
Social media is abuzz with Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena Party launch updates.

7.00 PM: 
All eyes on Pawan Kalyan’s speech. Most-awaited moment is just few minutes away. We hear that a lot of people have already glued to TV channels and YouTube channels.

6.35 PM: Fans are sporting Jana Sena T-shirts and waving Jana Sena Party flags.

6.20 PM: 
Captions like “Jana Sena Samanyudi Sena”, “Jana Sena Mee Sena”, “Jana Sena Manandari Sena” are being displayed in the auditorium.

6.15 PM: 
All set for the event. Fans are eagerly waiting for Pawan Kalyan’s arrival.

6.00 PM: 
Hitex auditorium is filled with crowd. House-Full.

5.45 PM: Pawan’s fans are in celebration mood. Festive fervour is observed. Traffic snarls due to Pawan’s fans throughout the way.

5.30 PM: Police forces and bouncers are seen in large numbers.

5.15 PM: 
Arrangements are in full place. Fans, VIPs are descending to the venue.

5.00 PM: Separate stands are arranged for media for the live telecast.

4.30 PM: 
Arrangements are going on at brisk pace. 2 LCD screens have been placed on either side of the dais for the clear-viewing to audience in Hitex Auditorium.

4.00 PM: 
Cops have issued serious instructions. They say they may not allow more than 4000 people into auditorium considering security issues.

3.30 PM: 
Organizers stated that they have already distributed 7000 Entry Passes and said they don’t have anymore.

3.15 PM: 
Police personnel have been deployed in Hitex premises. Security is beefed up as fans thronging to venue in large numbers.

3.10 PM: 
Pawan’s fans didn’t pay heed to organizers. Fans from Guntur, Khamman and Bellary descended the Hitex Auditorium despite not having Entry Passes. They’re not allowed inside the auditorium. Small Ruckus outside Hitex venue.

3.05 PM: 28 to 40 special screens (theatres) have been arranged across the State for the live telecast of Jana Sena Party launch

3.00 PM:
 Organizers have requested fans without passes not to grace the venue. They asked fans to watch the live telecast in their respective locales.

2.30 PM: Pawan Kalyan’s fans from various towns and states are thronging to the venue.