It’s now or never for Jagan !

Posted : February 8, 2013 at 8:00 pm IST by ManaTelugu
During the regime of YS.Rajasekhar Reddy only few used to know about his son YS.Jagan Mohan Reddy. Virtually he used to be a non entity spending most of his time in the posh villa at Bengaluru and making weekend visits to Hyderabad. Many underestimated him after the sudden and tragic demise of YSR.
Just like commoners even all powerful Cong High Command underestimated him,completely getting their strategies wrong. In the mean while Jagan meticulously strengthened himself politically and personally striking a personal emotional chord with masses. So even when he was sent to jail on allegations of disproportionate assets case, it boomeranged on Cong High Command as many believe that CBI is acting at the behest of Cong.Now situation in Andhra Pradesh is like now or never for Jagan.

This is because the emotions of people will not last long and if he can not capture power in 2014, he can not after another 5 yrs as things would be different. Even now things are fast changing as YSR sympathy factor alone can not work and many are supporting Jagan as they expect that he will bring down prices and even ensure in proper administration. They cite power cuts, gas hike,diesel hike, transportation charges increase, conditions for scholar ships.

So even if Jagan white washes Cong, he will have all these problems to solve. Many feel that CM crown full of thorns is awaiting him as people already stopped believing former CM Chandrababu. Many are waiting to see how Jagan solves these problems. Some feel 90% of the problems are his dad YSR’s creations itself.