Item war in “CGR’

Posted : October 18, 2012 at 12:51 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s mass entertainer ‘Cameraman Gangato Rambabu’ under Puri Jagannath’s direction hit screens in a powerful manner across the world today. Tamanna turned voluptuous and even sported mass image drinking and dancing and even seducing Pawan who donned a powerful class media journalist role.
In the midst of all the powerful political dialogues of Pawan Kalyan and his personal and political war with Prakash Raj for the poor people, mega fans witnessed a spectacular and sensuous item war on silver screen. The film featured two hot beauties Scarlett Wilson and Gabriela Bertante. While Scarlett Wilson sizzled with Pawan in a traditional manner tempting him ‘Jaromochchindi’, Brazilian bomb Gabriela Bertante not only kissed but also employed Pawan with her company. Gabie did so much so that even milky beauty Tamanna grew envious of this gorgeous gal.
One can not say who emerged winners in this item war but film makers will surely run after them after the film for some more red hot scorching songs on tollywood silver screen. For the time being however both Gabriela and Scarlett will be remembered for making fans happy with their delightful glamor treat.
Even film makers are happy that they beautified the film with their screen presence.