Item Bomb wants to be a politician

Posted : May 16, 2013 at 12:20 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Pakistan model turned hot actress shining on Indian screen is the 29 years old veena malik. The bold artist has no bounds in taking up any kind of characters with any amount of skin show. In fact, controversy is the one word driving her craze in glamour field. Currently, Veena has a bunch of films slated for release and some are still in the production process. First in the list to grace theatres is ‘Zindagi 50 50’ as ‘Rangeela’ in Telugu.

Sharing the views on her future prospects, Veena said ‘I wanted to be a politician to fulfill my father’s dream. He wanted to see me as politician and I should achieve it. As of now, I am still in understanding the meaning and depth of politics. So, it will take some time before I take a plunge into Pakistan politics. My latest film ‘Zingadi 50 50’ is releasing both in India and Pakistan on same day. Hope, my parents will like it,’ Veena said.