Is This ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ Making Sense?

Posted : August 26, 2014 at 5:18 am IST by ManaTelugu


Its madness, fun and exciting as it brings attention. This is what we have to say about ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ as the fever grips on India’s top celebs and famous persons. On the flipside, there are hotties like Priyanka Chopra and Sonakshi Sinha, who proved that this challenge isn’t making any sense.

First of all, most of USA and Europe experience heavy cold and snowfall in the coming days making inhabitants feel uneasy to drench in cold water. As far as India is concerned, for the kind of hot climate we have, this ice-cube pouring seems simple. So the challenge makes sense in those countries but not in sub-continent. More than that, is anyone worried about the water scarcity we have, before dripping in ice? Underground water is depleting, open wells are drying up and municipal water supply is limited even in cities like Mumbai and Hyderabad. Are our celebs taking a note of this? Those who take up ice-bucket challenges are failing to create awareness about saving water, on how to use every drop productively.

Star heroine Priyanka Chopra publicly refused to take any certain challenges, as she felt like wasting water is not what India needs. Even voluptuous Sonakshi Sinha too advised same thing but by dropping a single ice-cube over her head, point out the scarcity of water. So we leave the choice to our celebs only.