Is Sampoo a failure in Andhra Pradesh

Posted : June 22, 2013 at 3:16 pm IST by ManaTelugu
After an interaction with few of the friends in USA, we heard that Telugu NRIs there are eagerly waiting for new updates on release date of Sapoornesh Babu�s �Hrudaya Kaleyam.� Though, this movie could be a bizarre spoof on our Star Telugu Heroes and their action filmy concepts but Sampoo has garnered a good following which could ignite the BO and generate revenues.

But, how far is pulse of domestic Telugu audience same as NRI Telugus? Yes, none in B, C centers are aware of who this sampoornesh babu is? In fact, some sections of public in Metros and A centers; who never get directly in touch with Internet or Social Networking doesn�t even know this name of Burning Star. Better, Sampoo should begin his mass promotions on TV and Print Media else all his hard work done on Net may go futile because one cannot release a movie completely trusting just on NRIs. For the moment, Sampoo is a failure in Andhra Pradesh and a hit in America.