Is Pawanism Losing Steam?

Posted : September 19, 2014 at 2:20 am IST by ManaTelugu

Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan means an army and when he founded his party Jana Sena, many thought his magic, dynamism and passion would make him a wonderful leader. When Pawan was mouthing powerful dialogues during election campaigning, even seasoned politicians had to simply sit and watch.

But with Jagga Reddy losing elections in Medak by-poll, there is common opinion that the failure is not of BJP or Jagga Reddy, but of Pawan Kalyan. Some time back, Pawan had a few good words to say about Jagga Reddy. Taking that as the cue, Jagga Reddy quit Congress and jumped into BJP.

Immediately, there were strong rumours that Jagga Reddy jumped into fray owing to support from Pawan Kalyan. Now Jagga Reddy has lost and many say it is actually defeat of Pawan Kalyan. Though Pawan did not come personally to campaign for Jagga Reddy, Pawanism should have worked to at least some extent. Instead, Jagga Reddy was pushed to the third slot.

In fact, the scenario was no different in other states as people voted against the Saffron party. People seem to have realized that both Modi and Pawan Kalyan are very good orators, but when it comes to action, they are not as good as their words.

At least now, Pawan Kalyan has to focus on his party Jana Sena and make sure that it does not end up being directionless. Otherwise, it will be yet another party that will soon be part of history.