Is Narendra Modi a ‘fraud’.

Posted : July 1, 2013 at 6:14 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Is BJPs PM candidate Narendra Modi a ‘feku’,( bluff master and fraud ). Congress point man for Andhra Pradesh  Digvijay Singh   says  that  Modi was not just a ‘feku’ but also  a liar after the media reports that with the  Rambo act  of  falsehood of  Gujarat CM having  rescued  over  15,000 pilgrims in just two days in Flood ravaged Uttarkhand .  The Gujarat website had referred to only 600 pilgrims being rescued.

Congress leader  said that  Army ,Air  Force, paratroopers are all engaged in rescue operations over days  and still rescuing  pilgrims how can  Narendra Modi claim that he  did it in  two days. Congress secretary said that  Modi also made a false claim  that   28 helicopters were used by his Government.’Where from they came is still a mystery as the Army and Air force still are investigating and drawn a blank  so far