Is KK Sonia’s secret agent?

Posted : June 29, 2013 at 2:05 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Even as the Congress High Command is reportedly preparing to announce Telangana, there is stiff opposition from the Telangana leaders on the proposal of merging the TRS into Congress as thought of earlier.

It is learnt that senior leaders like minister K Jana Reddy and MP Madhu Yashki are seriously opposed to the merger of TRS as they fear that K Chandrasekhara Rao would start dominating the state Congress scene. With opposition from seniors, Congress leadership had shelved the proposal, say sources. However, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi has reportedly planned to keep KCR also under the control of Congress to the extent possible.

Former PCC president D Srinivas was taken into confidence by Sonia Gandhi and other top leaders in dealing with the Telangana issue, more than anyone else. It is learnt that the top leaders had done a marathon exercise on the matter with DS. It is in this context that Sonia Gandhi planted KK as her representative in the TRS, as per the plan of DS say sources.

Observers are pointing that KK chose to join the TRS only after meeting Sonia Gandhi at Delhi. However, KK said it was because the Congress High Command was unwilling to concede Telangana, that he had joined the TRS. But this is for outside consumption only, say observers. They say that KK has joined the TRS with the full knowledge of Sonia Gandhi.

Congress is hoping that KK would play a key role in arranging a sort of tie up with the TRS either before or after the elections.

There are strong indications that the Congress High Command has been preparing to announce its decision on Telangana soon. Congress is hoping to defeat both the TRS and the YSR Congress by taking a decision on Telangana. It is learnt that the Congress High Command has been trusting KK to become useful at the right time, to deal with KCR.