Is it Shryia’s promotion or demotion

Posted : September 24, 2012 at 10:15 am IST by ManaTelugu
Shriya.. the name itself drive people in a trance making them think about her eternal beauty which enthralled them for over many years giving them sleepless nights in the process. Such was her stunning and sensuous beauty that men instantly made her their dream girl. She went on to become number one star in South India romancing top stars. One still remembers her elegance in Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s Tagore and Super Star Rajanikanth’s Sivaji.
Sivaji got her many offers but suddenly with the passage of time Shirya’s shine began to fade and film makers stopped giving her offers. In the midst of all this top heroines started sizzling in item numbers thus erasing the thin redline that used to differentiate between heroine and item gal. Previously heroines are looked upon very highly and revered and item girls are looked down and treated with disdain.
Now the trend is like heroines are stooping to turn item numbers while item girls are becoming heroines. To the surprise of all Shirya who once ruled Tollywood started getting offers to sizzle in item songs and special songs. She is currently having two item songs in Bollywood, One song opposite top hero in Tollywood and Singam-2 item number in Kollywood. She is the only top heroine who has more item songs in her career. Many film makers feel that her beauty and proficiency in dancing is brining her items in galore.
One wonders whether it is promotion or demotion for Shriya.