Is Congress not interested in carving Telangana

Posted : May 21, 2013 at 7:07 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Is the Congress party not interested in carving out separate Telangana State? It may sound awkward, but PCC Chief Botcha Satyanarayana’s words clearly indicated that the Congress party was not interested in dividing Andhra Pradesh.

In an interview to the media here on Tuesday at Gandhi Bhavan, Botcha said the party would not force the Telangana Congress MPs to stay with the party as the latter were not interested in the party’s ideals and thoughts. One has to think between the lines of PCC Chief Botcha’s statement that the T MPs were not interested in party ideals means the party was not interested to create separate Telangana?

The Telangana MPs never opposed Congress high command or some one else and they were only demanding the party high command to carve out separate Telangana State. They also put the deadline to the party that they would take a decision on their political future if the Congress party failed to take a decision on Telangana issue. Here every one gets a doubt that what are Congress party’s ‘ideals’ on Telangana issue and why the PCC Chief said the T MPs were not interested in party ‘ideals’ and ‘thoughts’.

Political analysts say the words ‘ideals’ and ‘thoughts’ mean there was no carving out of separate Telangana State. Congress party ‘thoughts’ means adopting dealing tactics on Telangana issue only.