Is Anjali going to be Arrest

Posted : July 6, 2013 at 2:05 pm IST by ManaTelugu
No one knows whether heroine Anjali knows anything about law and the powers of the judiciary. She is taking court summons very lightly. Courts in India have the great distinction of sending a powerful administrator and former Prime Minister like Indira Gandhi behind the bars. Anjali is possibly weak in history subject. She continues to defy the courts.

Police who trusted that Anjali could have some general knowledge, had not bothered to take her to the court in fetters so far. This time they may.

Anjali is due to appear in the court in connection with the defamation case of Tamil director Kalanjiyam on July 9. The court held a dressing down to the Chennai police for not being able to ensure her appearance on earlier summons. This time the court warned not only Anjali, but also the police of serious consequences if Anjali does not appear. So, Chennai police are on the look out for Anjali. This time they might not take any chances. They would “take” her to the court.