No invitations to Chiru, Charan Sena !

Posted : March 13, 2014 at 11:42 am IST by ManaTelugu
The biggest fear of mega fans is coming true as the fan base of mega heroes is going to be ‘politically’ separated. Fans feared of divide among themselves when they first came to know about the news of Pawan Kalyan floating a new political party. With Chiranjeevi still in Congress, fans didn’t want Pawan to come up with his own party.However, Pawan Kalyan is launching Jana Sena party and problems from mega fans have already surfaced. Pawan Kalyan didn’t send invitations or made calls to Chiranjeevi and Charan fans associations to attend the March 14th meeting. Only Pawan Kalyan’s fans associations got invitations and Chiru-Charan fans associations are fuming over this.

Although divided by parties, Pawan Kalyan cannot ignore Chiranjeevi fans as they played vital role in his growth as a superstar. Chiranjeevi fans still support Pawan Kalyan and love him. But the star himself ignoring them is hurting them a lot. This will not only affect Pawan’s party but also his future films. Pawan should have been diplomatic with fans as sentiments are involved in this.