Inian Idol Sri Rama Chadra Insulted

Posted : January 24, 2013 at 10:01 am IST by ManaTelugu
Indian Idol winner Sri rama Chandra was kicked off from the shooting of his debut movie “Prema geema Janta nai”,news from the sources is that the shooting is going on Andhra University Library ,students of the andhra university kicked off the hero Sri rama Chandra from the spot saying that their studies aregetting disturbed a lot by the film shoot disturbance, and they argued that the shooting must not go on , Whether or not shooting permission was given, the unit came up with its paraphernalia to library and started working with its usual hue and cry.

 R.V. Subbu is the director of the movie.Dadi Bala Bhaskar and Muddala Bhaskar are producing this film and director R.V. Subbu is making his debut. The movie is expected to be a youthful romantic entertainer. Shootings must not take place in schools,hospitals ,college premises and in offices ,instead they have to plan in film studios by providing sets or in outskirts is what the students said to the film unit members.