In Talk: Hansika’s Whole Hearted Kiss

Posted : August 26, 2014 at 10:01 pm IST by ManaTelugu


Kissing for silver screen is just a mechanical act. Touching the partner with lips in front of 10s of crew members will not be any romantic deal, though it looks like that. Right now, Tollywood folks are now busy discussing about apple-pie beauty Hansika Motwani’s whole hearted kissing.

Including recent movie ‘Power’, our bubbly siren has most of the time kissing her heroes on the cheek. Say it a sentiment or just Hansika oozes loads of cuteness in such kissing, almost all the directors are making sure that she will plant a kiss on hero’s cheek in every movie. And moreover, her kissing looks quite natural as if the expression has come straight from her heart.

Rather just touching the cheek after which a reflex pulls her back, like in case of most heroines, Hansika kisses for real. Probably we have to call Hansika a very good actress or otherwise that should be her form of expressing joy with her heroes.