In Talk: Ex-Hero Scares With Ice Cream

Posted : August 22, 2014 at 4:20 am IST by ManaTelugu


‘Ice Cream’ is a coolest foodstuff for people of all ages, not until it has fallen in bohemian Ram Gopal Varma’s hands. He made the sexiest and scariest of ice cream, and is ready to deliver its second installment too.

Replacing the cast of the first version, RGV has roped in his past hero and friend JD Chakravarthy into the shoes of antagonist for ‘Ice Cream 2’.

Like all those vanished heroes of 90s, JD too tried his luck at villainy, but debacle of Naga Chaitanya’s Josh left him in the lurch. And this time, he is going to scare us like never and his pictures from Ice Cream 2 are proving it already.

Deadly scars and cuts all over the face, grey colored eye balls and copper shaded mustache is as frightening as Ramu’s terrible villains of all time. Makeup work deserves a pat, and this might surely open gates for a new villain, JD Chakravarthy.

However if the film fails to make any impact like its first edition, then all this creative hard work will go for a toss. Will it not?