“Made In India Challenge” After Ice Bucket

Posted : September 25, 2014 at 1:32 am IST by ManaTelugu


No introduction or explanation is needed on the impact ‘The Ice Bucket Challenge’ created across the globe. While that was meant to be for a noble cause, taking that as the cue, India has begun to come up with its own form of challenges. The latest in that list is the ‘Made In India’ challenge.

It must be said that this is an initiative from the government of India indirectly. Well, the idea behind this challenge is to use only Indian products right from cars, soaps, shampoos to anything that is manufactured in this country. This new form of challenge has started in the social networking platform Facebook and it is now trending hot.

After the ice bucket challenge, the rice challenge was introduced and created a significant impact. Currently, ‘Make My Tree’ challenge is on and the south cine celebrities are promoting it aggressively. Now, it is the turn of ‘Made In India Challenge’. The idea is, if the usage of Indian goods increases then rupee value increases and it will give a big boost to the economy. Take it up folks!