I’m Not A Dog: Kangana Ranaut

Posted : November 19, 2013 at 5:36 am IST by ManaTelugu

Known for her candid replies and simple answers, curly haired beauty Kangana has once again gone too honest while talking about marriage and stuff. This time the actress made it clear that she is not a dog, a trained dog, especially. Let us find out what our hottie actually said.

Interacting with a leading film critic, Bollywood’s ravishing siren Kangana Ranaut shared that marriage is not her cup of tea. ‘I don’t think the institution of marriage suits me, as I never feel that marriage is quintessential for a woman’, says Kangana, adding that it is parents who are stressing on their girl-kids that marriage is the destiny of their life.

‘During childhood, my mom and dad used to teach me how I should behave at my in-laws house after marriage. Am ‘I a dog that gets trained in all aspects and performs like a package in front of a new owner? No, I’m not!’ she said.

Talking about the kind of guy she is looking for a relation at least not a marriage, the striking beauty says that she wants a man who got sensibility for all the things around, and who never feels tense. ‘I’m not going to see anyone from film industry, any hero or director, as their work-schedule always looks like they are carrying the whole world. I want someone with a peace of mind’, she concluded.

That’s Kangana for you folks!