How come 1 crore become 2 crores?

Posted : January 17, 2013 at 6:50 am IST by ManaTelugu
Nara Chandra babu naidu in his padha yatra, he stormed on the way YSR CP are collecting signatures to set Jagan free under the name of public interest. “It is a shameless act, trying to save a corrupted, who is in Jail now. There is no worst situation than this even the collected signatures are fake that went to Delhi”, he formulated. “Using the power, they looted one lakh crores of public money and illegal mining for his son-in-law, YSR threatened the homeless with guns in Mudigonda, who legally protested for their houses”, he explained.
“At first they started saying one crore signatures, how come they become 2 crores now? With the false signatures, Y.S.Vijayamma roaming around President, trying to save her big time corrupted son Y.S.Jagan”, he commented. ‘Can you prove that Jagan didn’t cheat the government and public?’ he threw a question to YSR CP leaders. He called the youth asking to wage a war against Jagan using mobiles and SMSs.
 “The current CM is ruling this state with words but not with acts. His one rupee rice is of no quality. Congress converted the ‘Nagadhu badhili’ scheme into ‘Nakili Badili’ scheme ” he jested.