In-House Competition Targeting Mahesh

Posted : November 28, 2013 at 6:44 am IST by ManaTelugu

Like in mega family where a bunch of heroes are emerging in no time to enthral audiences, now the same thing is happening with Superstar’s family too. Slowly, the number of heroes from Mahesh’s Khandan is increasing.

We have seen Mahesh’s younger sister’s husband Posani Sudheer Babu as a movie hero already. If he is not related to Superstar’s family, it would have become definitely tougher for him to cut into the web of Tollywood. Now, another relative of Mahesh is dropping his net on Telugu film industry. A cousin of Mahesh’s elder sister Padmavathi’s husband Jayadev Galla (Minister Galla Arunakumari’s son), who is related to Mahesh as a brother, Madhav Valleru is now foraying into films as a hero through ‘Hrudayam Ekkadundi’ movie.

These guys are not competing with Mahesh, but they are competing with each other to grab the attention of our Superstar. Reports have that another family member of Superstar also wants to take on Tollywood as a hero. All these people need Mahesh’s support for launch and promotion for sure. Day by day, this in-house completion is increasing to target Mahesh, and only a big guy like him would handle that easily.