Hot Lady Waits For Manchu Hero Film

Posted : October 1, 2014 at 1:02 am IST by ManaTelugu


The awaited entry of adult film beauty sunny leone into Tollywood has materialized with Manchu camp’s exceptional lobbying for hot character in Manchu Manoj’s new movie ‘Current Theega.’ As a part of promotions, Manchu Vishnu has also released a hot pic of Sunny with Manoj which is circulated aggressively in media and public circles. Now the big question is whether Sunny is ready to act in other Telugu movies or not, if yes… when?

Our close film sources say that, sunny leone does not want to be a just meaty beauty to expose the skin and help the producers in getting extra mileage for their movies. sunny leone has changed the method and strategy of signing the films in Bollywood. Until and unless Sunny finds a script really worthwhile, she isn’t accepting the offer. Leone is applying the same formula even for South. Get her a strong character and she is all yours. Till the release of ‘Current Theega,’ there is no way out for sunny leone to sign the next.