Hooligan Harish Rao shunted from US?

Posted : September 19, 2012 at 8:06 am IST by ManaTelugu
TRS chief KCR’s nephew many feel is less of a MLA and more of a Hooligan. His acts puts even hooligans and road side rowdies and stone throwers in among youth to shame. Many say he returned from US but some feel due to his hooligan acts he might have been shunted out of the country. One wonder how could be such a law abiding person in US and overseas when he never misses an opportunity to break laws and defy authorities bringing shame to Assembly and people who elected him.
Yesterday he broke mike in the presence of Speaker who is presiding the Assembly and came out to attack Loksatta leader Jayaprakash Narayan. This is not the first time Harish Rao indulged in such acts. Couple of years back he led attack on Jayaprakash Narayan in front of Assembly and he narrowly escaped action making his driver scapegoat. His hooliganism reached even national media when he assaulted and kicked an employee in Andhra Bhavan at state capital New Delhi. He is trying to wriggle out of the SC ST atrocities case by falling at the feet of the employee.
It is shame on Harish Rao who is justifying his hooligan ways by bullying others. Some day he will soon find his match.