‘Homam’ collections to Collection King

Posted : October 31, 2012 at 1:29 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Collection King Mohan Babu is known for head strong attitude and due to this he found himself in many problems on numerous occasions. Mohan Babu is over the moon with his son Manchu Vishnu finally tasting success on silver screen with his comedy entertainer ‘Denikaina Ready’. But even before he could savor and enjoy the success with all his family members and film unit, various brahmin organisations took objection to various scenes which showed them in a low manner. Though many films also showed brahmins in bad taste, it was overboard this time.

Had Mohan Babu showed some concern to the sentiments of the community, things would have been different. But he commented  ‘They are ‘Kiraayi Brahmins’ and I would have donated (Chanda) them some money, if I was at Home’. Stung by his comments they filed cases in Neredmet Court and even approached the Film Chamber of Commerce and Censor Board.

To the top of it priests in Guntur followed the ritual of citing the powerful mantras and have performed ‘Pinda Pradanam’ in the name of Manchu mohan babu. Later on they have collected 20 cheques of each Rs.1,116 to be posted to mohan babu as a Donation (Chanda). They have even done ‘Shatru Peeda Homam.’ It has to be seen how these homams will effect Mohan Babu and even Vishnu who said he will settle the matter in courts.