Holes in Cong ‘Gas’ talks !

Posted : October 25, 2012 at 6:23 am IST by ManaTelugu
UPA Govt at Center headed by Cong to win over the poor who were alienated by its decision to put cap on number of subsidized gas cylinders to 6, decided to give credit to most revered Sonia Madame by increasing the gas cylinder number to 9. Sonia boasted that all her state govts will implement the scheme immediately. However yesterday on the eve of Dasara, AP CM Kiran Kumar Reddy punched holes on Madam Sonia’s promises by making the increased number of cylinders only to lover income groups.
However an analysis of their past usage shows that they hardly use 3-4 cylinders every year. Now political analysts feel that Govt doesn’t want to increase the number of cylinders to people at any cost. However it can not announce its decision frankly so it is making these kind of sugar coated promises. Many wonder how could CM Kiran and AP Govt dare the diktat of most powerful Sonia Gandhi. CMs of all Cong ruled states already started implementing the scheme.
One wonder what explanation CM Kiran give to people and his boss Sonia. Will Kiran detractors target him on this issue. One has to wait and watch the developments the next few days.