High Command’s familiar ‘T’ tune

Posted : February 7, 2013 at 4:25 pm IST by ManaTelugu
Whenever Telangana cong representatives roar in the state of Andhra Pradesh and make a beeline to Delhi,boasting that they will bend their High Command and make it come with announcement on telangana route map, Cong High Command will compose familiar T tune. Those MPs,MLAs who roared in State, that they care nothing less than Telangana and all their posts are nothing for them and will send their resignations with out caring their ‘Madame Sonia’, suddenly change track and like mice following pied-piper tune, they will start dancing to the familiar T tune.

The tune will be familiar and while many feel that atleast the monotony should make T representatives hate it, some wonder why are they to spineless. T reps got good opportunity during FDI voting during which Govt’s survival became questionable, however they tamely agreed to convening of meeting on Telangana when they could have forced a decision then and there. Even now High Command consultation game is on as its survival is important during Budget Session than Telangna.

Spineless Telangana representatives like Madhu Yashki, K.Keshav Rao,Ponnam Prabhakar etc sold themselves and sold Telangana for petty gains.