High Command taming T-MPs with CM

Posted : October 7, 2012 at 7:17 am IST by ManaTelugu
Strange are the ways of Cong high command and its actions. What is visible may not be the thought process of Cong party or Sonia Gandhi. For the past few months telangana MPs and CM detractors including Dy CM Damodara Rajanarasimha were seen spreading rumors that CM Kiran will be shunted out and there is imminent change this time with telangana person all set to become CM. They started spitting venom on CM with T MPs going hammer and tongs. 
However CM Kiran did not sit back quietly but responded back strongly unlike his nature. Many feel he has complained against T MPs and his detractors to High Command reasoning out that they are behaving not as Cong party leaders but as TRS leaders. He cited how KCR was spitting venom on Sonia and how T MPs are enjoying his actions without criticizing him. He even mentioned Kodandaram’s comments against Minister Sridhar Babu warning if he don’t relinquish his post, he will meet the same end as his father.
Cong High Command which is vexed with T MPs behavior and other leaders who are not toeing the high command line gave CM full powers. This was the reason why CM supporters were seen lashing out at T MPs with even Renuka Chowdhary and Jaggareddy entering the fray. CM’s statement that telangana wont be formed to serve the political interests of few should be viewed in this context.