High Command insults CM Kiran

Posted : October 29, 2012 at 7:21 am IST by ManaTelugu
When ever there will be cabinet expansion at Center, it is common practice followed by Cong High Command to get the views of CMs of the states on who should be excluded or included. However this time Delhi leaders seems to have kept CM Kiran Kumar Reddy in dark about the cabinet expansion and also the leaders who will be getting births from the state.
Unlike in previous instances during which Delhi leaders used to inform the candidates who were shortlisted just couple of days before the swearing in ceremony, this time Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have taken personal interest and called the candidates over phone a week back informing them about their selection and asking them to be present in Delhi on the said dates. They however asked them to keep the information secret.
However some like Sarve Satyanarayana and Killi Kriparani unable to hide their joy shared the news with their close aides and even to CM. However CM Kiran after listening to their story that they have received  call from Cong High Command and PM Office, told them not to fall in the hands of pranksters and get fooled by them. He also told them that during no time AP was given more than two portfolios and it will be the same this time. However CM proved to be wrong as more than 4 found their way in the Union Cabinet. This is a huge insult to CM Kiran by Cong High Command.