Hidden talent of sexy Anasuya revealed!!

Posted : August 7, 2013 at 7:51 am IST by ManaTelugu
One of the latest sensations from the TV industry who is creating some buzz in cinema circles is Anasuya. After being an anchor for the hit program ‘Jabardasth’ Anasuya got into good demand for hosting film related events and also for doing some roles. It is a different thing that she has not taken up any acting assignments as yet.

Meanwhile, another news has come. This is about a hidden talent of the sexy Anasuya. It is heard that Anasuya is very good at dubbing as well and she has given her voice for Deeksha Seth in the film ‘Vedam’, Siddhika Sharma in the new film ‘Paisa’. There were times when few cinema members praised Anasuya’s voice.

But it is heard that Anasuya doesn’t really consider dubbing as her career and she only lends her voice due to friendly obligations. Many are surprised at her thinking. She has already rejected offers from Gunasekhar and Pawan Kalyan’s film teams, she doesn’t take dubbing seriously also. So, what exactly is in her mind?