Heroines looked down lowly

Posted : September 14, 2012 at 11:03 am IST by ManaTelugu
Tollywood films and for that matter Indian film industry irrespective of region, have low impression of heroines. They are looked down lowly by all departments and in front of heroes they don’t have any value. Film industry people may look down heroines as their roles don’t have any scope for performance and are only present for glamor treat. But many pity heroines as it is the glamor treat of heroines and their beautiful presence that are resulting in movie lovers thronging theaters. However they don’t get any credit for the success of the film with entire credit going to heroes. However when any flop comes it will invariably goes to heroines account and they will be branded as iron legs which put a end to their career even before it takes off.
More recently industry is witnessing another new trend in which script writers are including dialogues making fun of heroines which will be hurled by heroes. Trivikram has that quality from the beginning and in Julaayi he insulted Ileana through Allu Arjun saying ‘karuvochina countryki brand ambassador’. This made her say good bye to Tollywood permanently. More recently Balakrishna in ‘Srimannarayana’ insulted Parvathi Melton saying ‘bonguku pant shirt vesinattu undi’. Even in ‘OK OK’ Udayanidhi Stalin insults Hansika saying ‘maidapindi moham dana’. Mahesh in his films insulted Trisha, Samantha and Anushka .