Heroine’s Dress Irritates Organizers

Posted : October 9, 2013 at 6:04 am IST by ManaTelugu

Hot heroines are always invited for ribbon cuttings and private events, not just that they are heroines but they will add some colour to the event. While some organisers are happy in whatever a heroine wears, some are particular about the dress code. Yeah, that is the irony here.

A not so popular but sexy seductress is seen a lot in Tollywood these days. At many events and functions, she is always making her presence felt. The other day she attended a private event, a ribbon cutting and lucky drawn kind of, and faced the ire of organisers. Reports have that this spicy beauty attended the event in a fully clothed avatar. Though organisers have paid her good buck to add glamour to the evening, her non-sexy look has beaten them it seems. They say that the organisers have blasted the actress’ co-ordinator for not making her wear something revealing and created a big scene.

The actress is the sent back to her five-star hotel where a stay was given and made to come back in a more revealing outfit. Apparently this beauty shows no qualms when it comes to sizzling in shorter versions of decent clothes, but that day went quite fateful it seems.