Heroine slaps director and posts video in social network

Posted : February 19, 2014 at 10:16 pm IST by ManaTelugu

Geethika tyagi who appeared in films like Aatma, What the fish and recently LLB shocks media by posting a video that shows she slapping director Subhash kapoor for Molestation act of director on her. Around 3PM this actress posted a video that shows she slapping director in front of his wife. She shouts loud saying he forcefully tried to kiss me and I was in a state that I can’t even talk to my father or brother, accept anyone for a coffee.

Gethika also gets support from Subhash wife who was all there along with Subhash in video and by the end of video she slaps him hard and leaves away crying. But Geethika’s friend explains real truth behind all this saying “I introduced the two at a party at Geetika’s friends place two years ago where the incident happened.
“Subhash had more beer than he could handle and passed out. As I was leaving, I told Geetika to wake him up. She told me to go and said she’d take care of him. I left and the next day she casually told me how Subhash had got really emotional that night. She said that he had kissed her and so she kissed him back. But now her version is completely different,” says a surprised Danish.